Obviously, I Have a Problem!

A couple of days ago while I was updating my plurk I read one of my friends post: “Humans choose their own lesson in life. You’ll always face the same problem, until you learn the lesson that you have to learn”. Now if I have to say anything about the post, is that the post was definitely something to me; it got me right through the bulls’ eye. I’ve always known what my issues are; and I have also realized that I should deal with them sooner or later. But I simply never did it; I never dealt with my problem (at least not all of them).
I chose to run, to hide, and even to pretend that the so-called-problem has never existed in my entire existence. I never knew that I will always get stumbled on the same ghastly problem again and again while I refuse to deal with them. Now that I know, I guess I will have to encourage myself and get done with this peeve problem.
The remaining question left is what action I will take to directly face the problem. Three options available would be saying no at the very beginning or saying no as the conclusive statement (which both ‘might’ means that I’m running again from the problem). While even saying yes as the answer, ‘might’ also means that I’m running away from the problem. Phew! Obviously I have a problem. I guess I should see a psychiatrist this instant. Hopefully he’ll understand what I’m blabbering about (crossing fingers).


Dangerous and Sweet!!











Dangerous And Sweet

It’s difficult to see from the surface.
But everything goes in and it stings,
like a spider.
Hits you deep inside and

I know that you are just like me, oversensitive.
Well I ordinarily breathe.
Taking everything for much more than it means.
Well it’s dangerous, and it’s sweet.
Cut us and we bleed.

All these words that we speak casually.
Well maybe im just weak, but it hurts me.
Everything you said x3
Well it cuts, like a knife
it hurts me deep inside and


I should put on my armor the next time I see you
So I won’t be harmed. I know I can shoot my own arrows.
Im sorry I hurt you.
I know that like me you can be oversensitive.

Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
Ba da Ba Ba Ba
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
Ba da Ba Ba Ba


Yeah it’s dangerous and sweet.
Don’t you know it’s dangerous and it’s sweet?
Cut us and we bleed.

yeaaa.. sing it with me!! 😀

I can hardly guess!

Can you name me a couple of nice spots you would love to spend your night just right here at our lovely yet busy capital city Jakarta? If you asks me this question a couple of nights ago, I would mention some nice and cozy 24 hour café or lounge. But now, I’d given you a totally different answer: it’s Monas! It was my first time ever to spend the night at Monas! I know it sounded cheesy but it turns out to be far better than anything I’ve imagined before.

At first, my only purpose is to get a few good shot at Monas night scene, but it turns out to be a whole lot more fun than that! I get to have an unimaginably wide open space with not one of those annoying electricity or phone wire dangling above my head. Since it’s already dark (about 9.30 pm) a friend of mine bought me this cute ‘firefly’ toy and I had to snap it towards the sky and it will fall down spiraling while radiating these beautiful colors! I’ve also got myself stuck on some kind of bicycle with only one pedal on it and I had to step on it real hard just to keep it going. Silly huh?

I know, you might mock me with the “masa kecil kurang bahagia” saying, but you should try it! Next thing you know, you would laugh out loud in the middle of the night feeling overloaded with all the fun you had! So, I definitely recommend this place as a ‘must visit’ in Jakarta. A little note from me, DON’T go on Saturday night, it will be too crowded it would be almost unpleasant. And one other thing, don’t hesitate to try whatever it is that attracts your attention! That’s the beauty of public recreational places, you get to be among the public so it’s alright to be seen in public doing embarrassing stuffs!

I can hardly guess that a place I wouldn’t personally came to think of as a fun place can bring me such good time! Or… Maybe it was simply because of how I feel about this newly academic title I got recently. Tee hee! XD

Nothing is impossible, eh?

dompetkuuI decided to make my first writing about my own experience. As some of you might know, I’m a heavy weight shopper (of course on my own budget constraint as a college student with limited pocket money, blah blah) with a HUGE passion over bags and shoes, especially bags.

I often shop at impulse, buying things that would end up in my closet for years and never being used, I know how stupid is that, and don’t worry I’m definitely working on it. But this impulse is getting bigger and harder to control every time I got some extra money in my wallet.

Just like yesterday, I asked my Mom to take me to ManggaDua, a famous shopping center located in North Jakarta. Just a couple of minute before we go I grabbed my saving box and pull out some money out of it. And guess what happened? I almost scream out loud because I only found a couple of hundred rupiahs inside the box. But as I started to panic, my Mom calls out for me and I have to make the decision. If I ever tell her that somehow I lost my own money, she will cancel our trip and more disappointment there is for me.

So I decided to keep it as a secret and keep going to the mall with my Mom. During the trip I feel amazingly tortured, seeing stuff I won’t even think twice to buy while not having enough money to do it. I know that my Mom felt that there’s something wrong about me being quiet and all (especially in ManggaDua). But as she is a good mom, she definitely knows where my sensitive spot is and makes a good decision not to mention anything about it.

When we got home, I started to feel really bad about myself and decided to lock myself inside my room. I need some private space and time to ask myself:

How the hell did I spend that money?

I believe that I remember (mostly) about how I make use of my money, so I kind of feel disappointed in myself. How can I be so neglectful and lavishly use most of my money without I even remember about it?

I started to search out my saving box again, more carefully this time… and Voila! I found the rest of my money! Gosh! It’s always there! And all that happen is I didn’t search for it more carefully! I feel like the dumbest girl ever lived on the planet! (But of course I didn’t feel that way for too long! =P)

Overall, this experience of mine kind of slaps me in the face, and I started to realize, that I actually CAN hold back myself out of shopping! Wow! Superb isn’t it! Me, going to ManggaDua, and I only buy the stuff I really need! Now, that’s definitely something! I even rejected this cute silver vest that I KNOW will look great on me. Pff… I gues the only thing left is whether I want to hold myself back OR not. Nothing is impossible, eh? LOL…